Filling an Important Niche

Next Step started as a system conversion management company and clients quickly saw the value of applying our unique perspective and expertise to avoid risks up-front during the vendor selection and contract phases.


Founded on experience

Next Step was founded in 1995 by banking technology veteran Peter Jeye to fill the service gaps between technology vendors and financial institutions during major system conversions.

full suite of specialized consulting services

Clients quickly realized that Next Step’s unique conversion perspective would bring tremendous value during vendor selections and contract negotiations, helping prevent problems from ever starting.

integrity is always upheld

The corporate vision has always been to serve as an advocate that would be focused solely on the best interests of the financial institution.




Peter jeye

Principal & Founder

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linda vick

Executive/Strategic Sales Advisor

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trisa wetzel

Executive Director

Amy Martel.jpg

amy martel

Managing Director

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Brenda Dibble

Solutions Operations Manager



We are not all things to all people. All our banking technology consultants are focused on the following services every day:

  • Strategic technology assessments

  • System evaluations and selections

  • Vendor contract negotiations

  • System conversions and implementations

  • Merger and acquisition technology conversions

  • Process improvement

This model enables each Next Step consultant to maintain a deep level of knowledge and expertise.

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true specialization

Next Step consultants are not rookies. Our staff has a combination of technology, conversion, and banking backgrounds that enables us to bring unique knowledge and insight to your initiatives. Our team approach to engagements gives our clients the benefit of our entire company.

We are experienced in core systems as well as digital banking systems, loan and account origination solutions, debit/credit card processing solutions, and other key ancillary/surround products.


seasoned professionals


financially stable

From the very beginning, we have been a well-capitalized company following a conservative operations model. This strategy continues to give our clients the peace of mind that Next Step has the wherewithal and stability for a long-term partnership.