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On December 2, 2021, the management and technology consulting firm Cornerstone Advisors acquired Next Step. The new partnership means enhanced advisory services and growth opportunities for both firms. Our combined experience, relationships, methodologies, and resources positions banks and credit unions for success.

WHAT THIS partnership MEANS

Are Next Step services and supporting processes and methodologies still available?

Yes, Next Step’s services and supporting processes and methodologies are available! Our methodologies are a key asset of the acquisition by Cornerstone. As your trusted advocate, our goal is to provide objectivity and methodologies that produce the absolute best results for your institution. The corporate vision has always been to focus solely on the best interests of your organization. Visit our Services page to learn more about our full suite of specialized consulting services.

Are Next Step consultants going to continue to deliver Next Step services?

Yes, our team of expert consultants are continuing to deliver Next Step’s services! You can count on our seasoned professionals to deliver industry-leading banking technology consulting and project management services to transform how your financial institution works and accomplish your technology objectives. Get in touch with us to begin your technology transformation journey.

Is Next Step a separate unit of Cornerstone?

Cornerstone’s acquisition of Next Step signifies the combination of knowledge, relationships, resources, and methodologies of both firms into one. However, Next Step’s processes and methodologies are a distinct offering of Cornerstone. This strategic partnership will provide clients with an unparalleled level of service as the combined firm delivers on its vision of helping banks and credit unions provide superior services to their customers/members. If you have any questions, contact us.

Is the Next Step name/brand going to continue?

The Next Step name will carry on with Cornerstone as a brand of distinct processes and methodologies. We are very excited about this merger as Cornerstone Advisors continues to grow as the industry’s premier consulting firm. 

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Original FAQ About this Partnership

about next step

Next Step has provided complete core, digital banking, and key ancillary system selection, contract negotiations, conversion management, and process improvement services for growing financial institutions since 1995. With the acquisition by Cornerstone, Next Step’s processes, methodologies, and consultants will continue to help customer-focused banks and credit unions not only select the right system but also achieve the best vendor agreement, an outstanding conversion, immediate positive customer impact, and the greatest efficiency from the new technology.

about cornerstone advisors

Cornerstone Advisors, a management and technology consulting firm, shows banks, credit unions, and fintechs how to reach the next level of performance through smarter technology decisions, reengineered critical processes, and meaningful business strategies.