Mergers & Acquisitions



The need for strong project management and hands-on expertise escalates during mergers and acquisitions.

Understanding & Know-How

Next Step knows the issues and risks involved in getting two organizations on disparate systems to make the required decisions and transition effectively to a single solution set. Most importantly, we understand the potential negative impact to your customers/members, staff and bottom line.


We have provided project and risk management services for numerous multi-billion dollar acquisitions, including large mergers of equal-sized financial institutions. We have also worked smaller initiatives, ensuring the same level of high success. Perhaps the best indicator of our value is the fact that the same clients utilize our services for multiple M&A engagements as they fulfill their growth strategies.

Next Step Gets You Started Fast 

M&As typically come with very strict deadlines, thereby demanding a very fast startup on the technology conversion. Next Step’s approach ensures your staff is immediately productive on key tasks that must be completed quickly to ensure timely success.


With proven tools and processes, we get the business units of both organizations working on:

  • Product consolidation/mapping

  • Process review

  • Operational integration

  • Systems integration

  • Customer/member transition 


At the same time, we work with your team to compare the two system environments and determine what components will comprise the new combined environment. We then develop a detailed strategy for conversion. ​

11-Point Risk Management Methodology Delivers Success

The fast start is complimented by the simultaneous development of our Master Assurance Plan™, integrated project timeline covering all tasks, and the ongoing management of the initiative according to our 11-point risk management methodology. All efforts are focused on:


  • Managing the risks

  • Completing the job on time and within budget

  • Ensuring staff readiness with new systems and procedures

  • Minimizing impact to the customers/members.


The bottom line -- your institution will be able to realize benefits of the merger/acquisition as planned.