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Angie Owens | Brad Aspgren

President & CEO | SVP Technology & Innovation

American Airlines Federal Credit Union

"AAFCU selected Next Step to lead our core system RFP initiative since they know the viable core systems extremely well and could help us narrow down the choices, and allow us to make the right decision. That is exactly what Next Step did. They brought great project methodology, decision making tools, and a very detailed-oriented focus to the RFP project that allowed us make excellent, informed decisions in a short period of time, while Next Step remained objective and consultative throughout. Next Step also provided valuable input in our core system contract negotiations. For the conversion, AAFCU decided to partner again with Next Step due to our excellent experience on the RFP, and Next Step’s proven conversion methodology and excellent references. Our Next Step consultant became one with our internal conversion team, but at the same time brought the necessary leadership and strategic focus to our project, including to our executive team. A conversion is a lot of work, but Next Step helped us navigate our way through the project, keeping us on our planned timeline and project scope, while continually helping us mitigate risks. The conversion went great, and we are very grateful we partnered with Next Step!"

Tony Morris


Atlantic Bank of New York

"Next Step's project management methodology is extremely valuable, particularly for large initiatives such as acquisitions and system conversions. Their process ensures that all areas of the Bank work in concert toward a common goal and their recommendations for process improvements have been meaningful, provocative, and practical."

Wayne Grosse


Bethpage Federal Credit Union

"We retained Next Step to expedite the technology changes and manage the associated risks while we concentrate on growing our business. We considered several alternatives and Next Step was chosen because of their strong references, extensive conversion experience and risk management approach. They are hands-on, practical, and have kept us prepared and ahead of the game. The project is organized, well managed, and everyone knows what is expected. They are making a real difference in our ability to achieve our goals for the new technology environment."

Catherine Papayiannis


Carver Bank

"Next Step is disciplined and brought excellent project management expertise and methods as a complement to our internal and vendor resources, ensuring we met our deadlines and achieved our project objectives. They are professional and keep the team focused through completion."

Charlie Lai


Fairwinds Credit Union

"As CIO, I will tell you that Next Step made our life easier and saved time and frustration as our teams moved through the changes necessary to secure a great conversion and to get the benefits available through the technology investment. Next Step is focused and knows the risks that have to be addressed during a core system initiative - they got us prepared and helped instill the confidence to execute the plan as expected. We have a great team with a lot of experience; however, my opinion is that Next Step is one of the best resources any financial institution can access during a core system initiative."

Larry Tobin

President & CEO

Fairwinds Credit Union

"We have a great team at Fairwinds and we took on the challenge of the conversion with a sharp focus on ensuring the highest level of member service. Next Step brought expertise that helped my entire team manage the risks and get the job done on time; this partnership made a difference in our results. I would recommend Next Step to any CEO looking to achieve a successful core system initiative.”

Ron Catrone


Farmington Bank

“You have to trust the Next Step process and superior results will follow."

Jo Ann Broderick | Alan Musselman | Steve Drosnock

President & CEO | CFO | CTO

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union

“Next Step’s methodology is thorough. Their evaluation process identified our business needs and helped us select the vendor that best fit those needs. Next Step’s experience with contract negotiations helped us establish a solid relationship with our new vendor. Their techniques used in the management of the conversion process ensured all tasks were successfully completed. Next Step helped us to achieve a very successful conversion.”

Bucky Sebastian

President & CEO

GTE Federal Credit Union

"Bucky Sebastian will tell you that he is very proud of his entire conversion team for achieving one of the best conversions in history, “and that team includes our partner, Next Step. Next Step was here throughout the project, helping us proactively manage the risks; I can honestly say that surprises were not an issue. Next Step complemented my strong team and helped us prepare ahead of time, allowing us to focus on getting our members ready; this made a big difference. I was proud to introduce Next Step to my Board and retain bragging rights that they are one of the best decisions we made.”

Terry Mitchell


Independence Community Bank

"Next Step’s comprehensive, disciplined and proven approach to project management, combined with an experienced, versatile and thoroughly professional team have made them the right choice for Independence on no less than six major initiative rollouts. Whether it’s a vendor search, merger/acquisition integration or new service introduction, Next Step approaches the engagement with a consistent passion for excellence. Their team balances the client’s day-to-day business responsibilities with the respective project at hand. Independence has most certainly benefited from its association with Next Step."

Chandler J. Howard

President & CEO

Liberty Bank

“This was a crowning achievement in our history. All our hard work paid off in establishing a bright future for Liberty Bank. Obviously, this project has touched every corner of our business. We succeeded in reorienting the bank away from processing transactions and toward serving customers. We built capacity for the increased business we are attracting to the bank through creative advertising and outstanding products and service. And we made a great team even greater by exposing its members deeply to other areas of the bank. Using Next Step's systematic project management approach and assistance, and with active involvement of all of our new partners and the tremendous teamwork we fostered over the past 14 months, we are writing the next great chapter for Liberty Bank.”

Jamie Tuttle

VP Information Technology

Liberty Bank

"As Liberty Bank's internal Project Manager, Next Step provided me with the right system evaluation and conversion methods, tools and guidance to make sure that not only was our conversion one of the best successes in banking history, but we were also prepared to really use the new technology to improve the way we work and service our customers. Everyone on the team is very proud of what we accomplished with Next Step's detailed assistance. We have made positive changes in how we manage large projects and are now equipped as a very strong team, to continue ongoing improvements."

Keith McCarthy


Picatinny Federal Credit Union

"It would have been impossible for us to do our project on our own without the level of detail afforded us by Next Step. From the creation of the RFP through the detailed evaluation process and the subsequent implementation Next Step’s professionalism, knowledge of the various vendors and decision making process was invaluable."

Mike Goodman


Redstone Federal Credit Union

"At Redstone, we never do things in a small way and our system conversion was no different. We essentially changed everything in our credit union and we chose Next Step to help us achieve this major change. Their methods are thorough, detailed and effective. Next Step was not a stop by and see how you are doing company; they were here from beginning through completion and became part of us - they were involved in helping us make critical decisions and follow through those plans to success. We would choose Next Step again and are committed to their methodologies because they work."

Marie T. O'Neill


Union Savings Bank

"Next Step brought a systematic process that ensured we “dotted all the i's and crossed all the t’s". Next Step provided insight and counsel, and truly became part of the team at Union Savings Bank. I am very grateful to the Next Step team."