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Riding along in the back seat is not the best strategy for the CEO during a core system initiative. Yes, delegation is crucial during these major change projects, but CEO engagement is key to reaching the highest level of success, versus just crossing the finish line.

how to prevail during a core system conversion

Stressful, demanding, nerve-wracking, and time-consuming. A quick summary of a core conversion! Yet, avoiding the career hazards associated with conversions can be easy for executives. In fact, it is an opportunity to be a leader and champion of change.

is your core system still the best fit for your institution's future?

Next Step's system evaluation and selection process delivers clear "decisionable" information to enable you to efficiently determine whether achieving an improvement plan with your current vendor or moving to an alternative solution is best for your organization.

why use an old process to select a new system

Times have changed. Technologies have changed. Traditional canned checklists, generic demos and antiquated approaches to evaluations simply do not get the level of results demanded by today's growing community banks and credit unions.  

are your systems aligned with your strategic drivers? 

Knowing how your systems are enabling or impeding you is crucial to achieving future success. Next Step's strategic technology assessment delivers clear insight into whether your core, digital, and key ancillary systems are aligned with your strategic drivers. 

system change contemplation weighs heavy on ceo minds

Vendor consolidation, powerful new capabilities, and escalating competitive pressures are causing many to explore a core system change - but when is the right time for your institution?

excerpts from "how to navigate a core conversion"

Along with death and taxes, you can add a core system conversions to your list of dreaded life events. At some point, your IT folks will have made all the patches they can, and they'll need a new system so your credit union can deliver the level of service members deserve.