Executives gathered around table having a meeting



Next Step launches its consulting firm and opens offices in Orlando, FL.

First bank clients sign up for conversion management services.

Office Space


Next Step responds to demand and expands with several additional consultants and a nationwide presence.

Business Meeting


First bank clients sign up for system evaluations and contract negotiations.

Signing a Contract


Next Step offers services to credit unions for the first time.

First credit union clients sign up for system evaluations, contracts negotiations, and conversion management.

A couple at a business meeting


Next Step celebrates 10 years in business and a recognized reputation for outstanding service and ethics.

Professional Applause

2007 - 09

Next Step forges through the recession with steady growth and commitment to its clients.

Investment Chart


Next Step expands its offices and makes signficant investments into virtual/remote capabilities.

Office Building


Next  Step adapts to the pandemic and leads its clients through numerous "remote" system evaluations and conversions.

Industry recognizes Next Step for 25 years of unique service and comprehensive methodologies.

Remote Working


In response to a record number of core and digital banking system evaluations being launched, Next Step enhances its fintech consulting model and delivers optimal client collaboration and efficiency.