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Next Step Enhances its Fintech Consulting Model

In response to a record number of core and digital banking system evaluations being launched, Next Step enhances its fintech consulting model and explains how it is delivering optimal client collaboration and efficiency.

ORLANDO, FL, March 3, 2021 - The pandemic crisis has been a catalyst for transformative initiatives for community banks and credit unions and Next Step has been at the forefront during this transformation. Equipped with an innovative model, Next Step positions its clients for success by enabling them to realize the advantages of technological advancements across all channels - with a particular focus on key enablers such as core and digital banking systems. Accelerating clients' core and digital strategies has and continues to be the driving force for Next Step.

Peter Jeye, Next Step's CEO, said "Never in our history has the industry been so embracing of major change. Our clients are not interested in maintaining status quo and we are helping them progress this vision by evaluating and transforming their digital and core system environments at an unprecedented speed to stay relevant and meet the changing needs of their customers/members."

According to Jeye, the Next Step fintech consulting model involves a new "collaborative" executive team structure that enables clients to enjoy the most efficient experience with the company's leadership team from the evaluation launch, through vendor selections and contracts, right through the successful conversion and implementation. "A great example is a testimonial from an active digital transformation client, who stated, 'I'm already a Next Step lifer,' this is what we work for every day - client advancement and satisfaction."

Jeye further explained that, with this model, client decision making is fast-tracked as Next Step's expert consultants work closely with the company's full leadership team every day to address client needs. "By design, we have no silos or process fractures to impact our clients as they progress through what are often the largest projects in their history. As an added benefit, our unique culture also appeals to the best consultants in the industry who want to join a truly special model and become strong advocates of our clients' technology interests."

"Market reaction has been no less than fabulous," stated Linda Vick, Executive President of Next Step. "What we are doing is exactly what today's banks of credit unions want from a progressive consulting firm as they launch transformational initiatives at a rapid pace. Our processes and models have always been and will continue to be designed to maximize the benefits for our clients and lead the industry."

Next Step's Executive Director of Operations, Trisa Wetzel, added, "The passion and dedication we bring to our clients every day is embraced by banks and credit unions across the country - and we love it as much as the day we started the company 25+ years ago. We have never been more excited to help our clients identify the best possible solutions to meet their strategic needs and achieve amazing success with their system conversions!"

Industry veteran Amy Martel, who was recently promoted to Next Step's collaborative executive team, summed up her perspective stating, "What Next Step does every day is energize everyone involved - clients, vendors, and us here at the firm. We literally feel the success of our clients in a way that makes us excited for the next day's opportunities."

Next Step continues to innovate and enhance its methods to increase its value to clients and stay ahead of the curve during these demanding times.


Ana Hidalgo

Business Development & Marketing

Next Step International, Inc.