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Next Step Sets Company Record for Core and Digital Banking Conversions with Credit Unions

ORLANDO, FL, July 12, 2021 – During a time of increased competition and changing member expectations, Next Step completed 13 core and 9 digital banking system conversions for 14 credit unions in the first half of 2021 by delivering industry-leading consulting and project management services.

As a key focus of these successful conversions, Next Step assisted these institutions in establishing strategic partnerships with leading vendors and building a new infrastructure of modern technology for core and digital banking systems, including account opening.

“We are very excited for our clients as they are not only making these advancements but accomplishing these conversions with a very high level of success,” said Trisa Wetzel, Executive Director of Operations at Next Step.

Peter Jeye, CEO of Next Step, added “what’s even more exciting is attaining this success with numerous software vendors, all of which are joining us in our unique synergistic approach to bring amazing results for our clients.”

These credit unions are located across the country with various assets sizes but with one common goal of achieving an optimal member experience:


· $2.7B - core


· $1.1B - core and digital


· $1.1B - core and digital

· $308M - core and digital

· $184M - core and digital

· $385M - core and digital

· $1.4B - core and digital

· $284M - core and digital

· $218M - core and digital


· $295.5M – core

· $1.4B – digital

· $2.3B – core

· $1.0B – core


· $641M - core

As more credit unions move forward with their transformational initiatives, Next Step continues to provide a unique and unbiased fintech consulting model, proven methodologies, and insider’s knowledge of the vendor landscape to bring value to its clients.


Ana Hidalgo

Business Development & Marketing

Next Step International, Inc.


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