Strategic Banking Technology Assessments 



Knowing How Your Systems are Enabling or Impeding You is Crucial

Great management and staff need to be supported by systems that enable the institution’s strategic plan to be realized. Too often executives are constrained from fully realizing their vision by systems lacking the features/functionality needed to propel the organization into the future. The situation can be even more concerning if the current systems can do what is necessary but are not being utilized effectively, resulting in lost opportunity.

Gaining an Objective and Informed View on the Situation

Next Step's strategic technology assessment delivers clear insight into whether your systems are aligned with your strategic drivers. It includes a comprehensive review across all lines of business and key systems, including:

  • Core

  • Digital banking

  • Financial/accounting

  • Loan and account origination

  • ATM/debit/credit card

  • Other supporting systems

The service gets to the bottom of it:  Are your key systems meeting your business requirements? Next Step also brings an extra advantage by identifying whether your systems are providing industry best practice and leading functionality and uncovering process deficiencies.

go-forward strategy

Bring Clarity to Your Go-Forward Strategy

Our strategic technology assessment positions executives with the necessary information to determine which systems need to be addressed with a utilization and process improvement initiative and which systems need to be potentially replaced via a vendor evaluation and selection process. If an evaluation is applicable, Next Step will have the information necessary to finalize a customized Request For Proposal (RFP) immediately – with no lost time.