Banking System Selection Services



It Can Be Overwhelming

Selecting new banking systems may be the most important decision of your career. The final choices can impact your organization for years to come and can be a career maker or breaker. Any executive who has been through the process of comparing and selecting a new core, digital banking, debit/credit card processing, or any major software solution knows the process is exhausting.


You need more than boilerplate checklists and canned yes and no answers to confidently make an informed decision for a new system. Next Step helps you:


  • Make the right choice for your institution

  • Identify all the potential gaps and risks

  • Cut through vendor biases

  • Objectively evaluate the options

We Achieve More from the Process

Next Step's process takes a comprehensive approach; we arm you with the right information to help you understand how the system does it and which solution is tailored for how you want to do business. 

Next Step's process is the industry's most comprehensive approach. Next Step ensures you get:​

  • Well-prepared vendors who are fully educated on your specific needs and requirements​

  • Facts about how the solutions will help you achieve your business objectives

  • Specifics about how each system will meet your unique operational requirements

  • Interaction with the vendor's experts and executive management

  • Background about vendor strengths, weaknesses, and service history

  • Disclosure to shake out surprises that could impact your conversion and customers/members

We make sure you know "how" your needs will be met, not just "if" the vendor has the capabilities.

Comprehensive, Customized and Objective 

Through our Total Vendor Evaluation Process, Next Step provides banks and credit unions with a comprehensive comparison and selection service that's customized for every client, including:

  • RFP development

  • Identification of preferred vendors

  • Content of system demonstrations

  • Reference reviews

  • Functionality gap analysis

  • Decision facilitation

  • Conversion planning


With the foundation for the future success of your institution riding on selecting the right system and the right vendor, you can't afford to take any shortcuts. Next Step can help ensure you find the highest performing solution that meets the specific needs of your institution. You can also rest assured that Next Step has absolutely no affiliations with any vendor organizations - just mutual respect. We are your advocate.

role & process

Hands-On and Very Involved

Next Step serves as your Project and Risk Manager working on a daily basis with your Evaluation Team and the vendors at a detailed level. We are active participants and consultants in every step of the process.

Our Approach to the Vendor/System Selection Process Makes a World of Difference

Based on our staff's collective experience with 300+ banking system conversions, Next Step's unique, practical conversion perspective has enabled us to develop an evaluation and selection process that is better in the way we:​


  • Develop your RFP​

  • Plan for and oversee system demonstrations​

  • Work with your team to identify functionality differences​

  • Validate vendor references​

  • Uncover potential conversion surprises​

  • Solve third-party integration requirements​

  • Negotiate vendor contracts, etc.​​


Just like with the systems, you don’t just need to know if a consulting firm does or doesn’t do something. You need to know how the consulting firm does it. We look forward to walking you through the process.​